Saturday, July 15, 2017

We backed up my SoundCloud to and you can too

I am a big consumer of online multimedia and as the editor and publisher of POCHO I regularly embed video and audio files.

The videos I feature are usually served by YouTube and Vimeo, and audio files mostly come from SoundCloud. I've never spent much time contemplating SoundCloud's business model -- I just thought of them as an audio YouTube analog.

Now it turns out SoundCloud is having cash flow problems and may not be around much longer. As far is POCHO is concerned this is no big deal --- creaters gonna create anyhow -- but as a SoundCloud creator myself I need to consider where my audio files will live if SoundCloud shuts down.

Thankfully my old friend Tom Higgins was a step ahead of me and put a shell script up on GitHub that you can use to move your files from SoundCloud to a nice new home on

Thanks, Tom!

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