Thursday, June 30, 2016

#TBT 2001: My new Spinal Tap website goes online

#‎TBT‬ July 2001.

Fifteen years ago I built a new website for Spinal Tap and their 'Back from the Dead' tour (and I've been the webmaster of record ever since.)

My version followed a glitzy shiny version by MGM. I went 180 degrees in the other direction with an ASCII art logo. It is this website that gives me the right to say that I built a website that went to 11.

This version of the website was notable for having no actual photos of the band members. All the artwork was photos of Spinal Tap action figures.

Meta meta meta. A website for a fictional band that exists only in a movie illustrated with digital photos of dolls modeled after the actors.

There's a pretty good version of the site at

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