Monday, February 15, 2016

Ex L.A. City Councilperson Bill Rosendahl in hospice care

Council Rosendahl is the egg man

11th District City Councilman Bill Rosendahl surprises a community meeting with a proclamation and a half dozen eggs.

Posted by Brentwood Patch on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bill Rosendahl, who represented Los Angeles' 11th District in City Council when I was editor of AOL's Brentwood Patch, is now in hospice care according to his successor Mike Bonin.

Bill was always very kind to me and, as, the City Councilperson for Brentwood, provided the kind of representation in City Hall most other communities could only dream of. Who else would deliver fresh eggs from his chickens to worthy constituents as a gift?!

I'm glad my 2011 Patch video of Bill doing his Egg Thing is still around! Everyone loved him, and he loved everyone back.

As the City Council's first openly gay member and the first city official to come out as a user of medical cannabis, he was a personal hero to many. He also went to college in Latrobe, PA, where they brew Rolling Rock.

He had to leave Latrobe to seek his fortune in California because the 10-ounce "pony bottle" of a small town couldn't contain his charisma. ;-)

Godspeed, sir.

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