Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bandwidth expands to fit the waste available meets Twitter

My long-time net.friend Joe Loong (who I met as [joelogon] on a text-based BBS and with  whom I spent many hours on IRC) just wrote about how sometimes less is more online.  You don't always need a GUI and avatars to chat.  Sometimes less is better.

My Web405 mailing list, in that sense, as a text list, embodies the Wikipedia definition of the McLuhan medium is the message meme with a to-the-point, no chrome format, and just may be the perfect way to simplify and focus conversations. Joe also discusses Twitter's directness as a communications boon

Here's [joelogon]'s blog post, which mentions, by the way, VOIDMSTR's LAW:

Communication Bandwidth: When Less Is More
by JOE LOONG on FEBRUARY 12, 2010
Tags : chat, irc, messaging, sms, text, twitter, voidmstr's law...
Categories : Being Social, Social Media, Twitter

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Way back in 1992, a friend of mine came up with the following supposition: “Bandwidth expands to fit the waste available.” It turns around the idea that content producers see unused capacity and come up with new ways to fill it up, and instead says that all this… stuff is
already out there, and that the means to deliver it forever lags behind, trying to catch up.

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