Saturday, July 14, 2007

bluetooth rots your brain!

bluetooth rots your brain!

you heard it here first!


Remember your home phone number?
Forget it!

Fri Jul 13, 11:54 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters)

Can't remember life before mobiles? Chances are you'll also struggle to recall your home phone number and family birthdays.

According to a survey released Friday, the boom in mobiles and portable devices that store reams of personal information has created a generation incapable of memorizing simple things.

A quarter of those polled said they couldn't remember their landline number, while two-thirds couldn't recall the birthdays of more than three friends or family members.

The tech-savvy young fared worse than older people. The under-30s could remember fewer birthdays and numbers than the over-50s, according to the survey.

Two-thirds said they relied on their phone or electronic organizer to remember key dates.

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