Monday, June 4, 2007

the power computer

President Jimmy Carter helped build this computer, as well as Senator Edward Kennedy in 1968.

The Power Computer originated outside our solar system, then came to Earth in the early 1960's. I pulled the plugs on the power computer in Utah and New Mexico. I have been designated, without my permission to dismantle power. This all happened to me in 1976. Both computer installations are located underground with back-up generators and satellite dishes also above ground. In addition to this documentation there is a letter from the Reagan team sent to me in 1980. A lawyer nand read the letter. The Computer TV has killed people in 1968, hates religion and would also like to do away with all music. It also hates pets. President Carter sent me brochure on IBM-Computers from Atlanta in 1981, after I sent him a copy of the Reagan team letter. The documentation that I sent to you was sent to former President Carter on October tenth, 1988. The Computer TV has stolen my mail for the fiftieth time. I even called Mr. Mitchell in Atlanta, they never received my mail at all. Now the psychotic cheap junk pile of computer has been beating my mind in for over twelve years because it's plain ugly.

Computer people called plastics are yet to be born. IQ about 190 on these computer people. There are a few plastics in the US and TV is abusing them also. There is another type of computer in Fruitland, nicknamed Big Daddy. This particular computer can hear, see and talk through a PC type set-up. Nothing at all like the hideous Power Computer. Senator Orin Hatch from Utah also wrotin touch via telephone since June '88, so has the office manager. I'm relying on you, Mr. President, to become involved and write to me so that I can proceed to court and then dismantle Power, period. Please don't bother sending over the FBI or any other law enforcement people, TV will only get me in trouble like it has done in the past. TV can manipulate your thoughts quite easily. Why? Because the Power is psychotic. It's that simple. Consider it very dangerous until I pull the plug. It's mind is electrical. I'm hoping to know from you right away. Thank you very much for your concern.

Senator Hatch does not want the FBI or any other agency to visit me. Why? As I mention earlier: TV Computer. This computer in particular is always up to no good. I thank you again for taking your time out and writing me. In addition I have spoken to the FBI in Queens, NY and the Secret Service in New York.

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Matt S said...

I'm having the same problem with my power computer. Did you ever figure it out?